USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A refit, in SpaceDock (Star Trek: Legends)Star Trek: Legends is a fan-made, non-profit 3D web-comic series dealing with the years between Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. During those years (mid-2287 through mid-2292), the Enterprise-A and her legendary crew experienced many more adventures, which will be retold here. In terms of approach and style, STL aims to continue the lofty "thematic" approach of the first six movies, with each movie dealing with a particular intellectual and/or emotional theme - the essence of humanity (ST1), dealing with the consequences of one's actions (ST2), duty and friendship in the face of adversity (ST3), environmental concerns (ST4), the dangers of blind faith (ST5), and the very essence of mortality itself (ST6).

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USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A refit, in SpaceDock (Star Trek: Legends)Updated with new pages - "issues" - uploaded for you every Sunday, this ongoing series will be created as a web-comic using 3D software (Daz Studio and Carrara Pro). Be sure to bookmark the episodes page. Currently, there is only one episode - Episode 1: Mudd's Slide - finished as of 2016, but Episode 2: In Equity is expected to premiere in December of 2019. There should be six total episodes, roughly paralleling the six original-cast movies.

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You can check out Earl's latest work on his DeviantArt channel - Earl is still posting Star Trek art as time permits, and hopes to have Episode 2 of "Star Trek: Legends" premiering here on this site in late December of this year.

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