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Hi there, and welcome to NCC-1701-A.net! Yes, this is still the home of "Star Trek: Legends" but it has grown from just being a Star Trek fan-fiction website to encompass Aliens as well, and will eventually also include BattleStar Galactica, BladeRunner, and even original series by the authors.

Currently, Epsiode One of Star Trek - "Star Trek: Legends - Mudd's Slide" is finished, and you can see "Mudd's Slide" by clicking on the "Star Trek" button above. Work is now progressing on new issues of our latest project - "Aliens: Renaissance" which you can read by clicking on the "Aliens" button above. After "Aliens: Renaissance" wraps up - probably by the end of 2017 - work willl resume on the Star Trek web-comic, with Episode Two - "In Equity". Plans then call for "BladeRunner: Believe It Is A Dream" to commence once "In Equity" concludes.

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