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10 February 2018 - And Downtime Again

I (Tim) have to go on work-related training this weekend (there now, in fact) and next weekend too, so the chances of me getting Earl's panels rendered anytime this past week and this upcoming week are... nil. My utmost apologies to anybody reading Aliens: Renaissance for the two weeks of downtime, and the late announcement.

04 February 2018 - They're Baaack!

Finally, a glimpse of what lurks in the shadows in Centuarus Station... It took me a half the night to get the first and last panels of today's issue rendered, owing to the fact that even with 32GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM, the file itself for those two shots were 124MB in size and took forever to process. Yikes!

28 January 2018 - I Think We're Alone Now...

it's inevitable - every time a squad of Marines goes out, they end up getting stranded, with no backup, and no escape... ;)

21 January 2018 - No News Is Good News

A new issue is up today, miraculously - enjoy. Nothing else to report. Have a great week! :)