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11 November 2017 - Veterans' Day

I actually managed to get an issue out one day early, thanks to a lucky break in my class schedule. So, to celebrate, and most importantly - in honor of Veterans' Day here in the U.S. - a humble and sincere thanks to our veterans out there.

05 November 2017 - "He Is Not Yet Dead!"

Okay, caught up now, a day late but this week's issue of Aliens: Renaissance is now posted.. More to come, including pix of my new M-41A Pulse-Rifle, signed by the stars of the Aliens cast!

29 October 2017 - "And We're Back!"

And we're back from missing last week due to needing to re-build the entire Colonial Marine squad for this project, which has now finally been finished. You can see the squad in today's TWO-PAGE issue of Aliens: Renaissance. I also changed out five of the marines to new models, primarily for the sake of diversity. That added to my already out-of-control To-Do List, but thanks to FaceGen, it was (hopefully) worth it.

Also, for a review of the Knoxville Expo where I met seven of the amazing cast-members of Aliens, please click here.