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23 July 2017

[Re-posted from my DA site] A recent article on Collider.com states that Fox is allegedly "reassessing" the future of Sir Ridley Scott's Alien films, in light of the box-office sales of Prometheus and Covenant. Basically, the article states that Fox is considering whether or not to continue with Sir Scott's follow-on films to Covenant that he has planned. The other main take-away from the article is that Fox will still keep making Alien/Aliens films.

Thus (again, according to the article) the question really comes down to - will we see more Prometheus/Covenant films, or perhaps a new take on the franchise, such as Neill Blomkamp's revival that had Ripley, Hicks, and Newt making a comeback? Which would you prefer - more of the Prometheus/Covenant films by Sir Ridley (pre-Alien) or more sequels to James Cameron's film (post-Aliens)? Maybe they should get ME to write them a script, and make Aliens: Renaissance into a movie? :)

Also, issue # 11 is now posted (a day early even!)

16 July 2017

Oh my - Sunday totally slipped up on me! But nonetheless, today's issue (#10) of Aliens: Renaisance is now ready for your enjoyment. See you next week, troopers!

09 July 2017

RunTime problems are slowly getting solved - that's the good news. The bad news is that NONE of my Colonial Marines files are working on the new computer with Daz Studio 4.9. They are messed up up beyond all comprehension, so that's taking most of my time. That's about two months worth of work completely gone - I am so mad and frustrated right now with it all, I could just scream.

But it's not all gloom and doom - be sure to check out today's issue of Aliens: Renaissance, re-introducing an old friend... :)

02 July 2017

The nightmare continues, so much so that I'm still doing character posing and creation on the old Mac, because the new Daz runtime directory on my new PC is messed up beyond all comprehension. Sigh. Still, however, progress continues. See you next week, and stay frosty!

25 June 2017

So, setting up the 3D webcomic projects on to the new PC has turned into the nightmare that I figured it would be. On top of that, I had to upgrade to the newest version (at this time) of Daz Studio, 4.9, and all the hassle that entails as well - a total nightmare... :(