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18 March 2018 - "I've Got A Signal!"

Things have been far too calm for far too long, and we just CAN'T have that, can we?

Also, from time to time I post stuff on my DA page, so if you'd like you can check that out here.

11 March 2018 - "Annnd We're Back, Live!"

Apologies for missing last week - work needed Tim on the weekend last week, and we both have bills to pay. :(

Anyhow, we're back this week, and hopefully might even get ahead this week for next week's issue. Hint: Notice that red and white sign near the door in the top panel of today's issue? What could be in that cryogenics compartment - or maybe WHO? ;)

25 February 2018 - "Honey, I'm Home!"

It's great to be back! Today we have a new Aliens: Renaissance issue for you, and look to be (hopefully?) back on schedule from here on, schedules permitting. Today is probably Galliott's last appearance - RIP, Barry...

10 February 2018 - And Downtime Again

I (Tim) have to go on work-related training this weekend (there now, in fact) and next weekend too, so the chances of me getting Earl's panels rendered anytime this past week and this upcoming week are... nil. My utmost apologies to anybody reading Aliens: Renaissance for the two weeks of downtime, and the late announcement.