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08 April 2018 - "Just Nod If You Can Hear Me - Is There Anybody Home?"

Tim took time off last weekend for his birthday, and Earl was with family last week, hence yet another delay. But we're back up and running. If you're enjoying this, please drop me a line - I (Tim) have noticed that most of the traffic on this site is to the old Star Trek database and galleries, which are no longer on this site. (Meaning most of this site's traffic is to links that are now broken - I found a lot of my images being used without permission elsewhere, so I had to take the galleries down.) I'm not complaining, but this is the proverbial "Is anybody still reading this?" moment in this website's life-cycle.

Email Me - thanks!

25 March 2018 - Sleeping Beauty

Today we get a small glimpse into the next three major characters to be introduced, although they need no introduction. Stay tuned!

18 March 2018 - "I've Got A Signal!"

Things have been far too calm for far too long, and we just CAN'T have that, can we?

Also, from time to time I post stuff on my DA page, so if you'd like you can check that out here.

11 March 2018 - "Annnd We're Back, Live!"

Apologies for missing last week - work needed Tim on the weekend last week, and we both have bills to pay. :(

Anyhow, we're back this week, and hopefully might even get ahead this week for next week's issue. Hint: Notice that red and white sign near the door in the top panel of today's issue? What could be in that cryogenics compartment - or maybe WHO? ;)