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24 September 2017

We're almost caught up! I finally fixed the issue from last week, and today's issue of Aliens: Renaissance is another two-page release! I'm really hoping that next Sunday will see another two-page issue as well, to get completely caught up with my production calendar. No promises, but I'll try my utmost for you. :)

In the meantime however - tonight is, at long last - Star Trek: Discovery!!!

17 September 2017

Wrath of Khan: The Director's Cut was a delight to watch, but in my opinion there wasn't enough added footage to justify actually owning the Blu-Ray thereof. The only memorable part of the added footage was watching Todd Bryant standing next to Ike Eisenman in the engine-room reacting to Eisenman's character (Scotty's nephew) ranting and saying Kirk is as "blind as a Tiberian bat". Todd Bryant steals the scene in a very subtle but memorable performance - I can see why he was picked to play Captain Klaa in Star Trek V - great actor!

Sadly, due to technical problems with my FaceHugger model, today's issue of Aliens: Renaissance won't be available until next Sunday, I'm sorry to have to say. (Actually, the FaceHugger model - by WarTech - is superb - but my 3D-resources website account is what's having problems.) That has all been fixed now, but it's 10am here on Sunday, so there's no way I can get today's issue out on time, sadly.

10 September 2017

Can't write much here today - I'm headed out right now to see the 35th-Anniversary re-release of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! In the meantime, however - today is a rare TWO-PAGE issue for Aliens: Renaissance!

03 September 2017

Star Trek! Yep, I'm still lovin' it! Here's a link to a recent great article with William Shatner, covering the making of Wrath of Khan, which I'll be seeing the director's cut of next Sunday at a Fathom event. Can. Not. Wait!