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21 January 2018 - No News Is Good News

A new issue is up today, miraculously - enjoy. Nothing else to report. Have a great week! :)

14 January 2018 - Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a safe and fun New Year, and thanks very much for checking back with us. Yes, we ARE back, although things are still hectic here as we return to a "normal" schedule after the holidays. There IS a new issue of Aliens: Renaissance up today, and we hope to have a new one ready to go by next Sunday as well. Oohrah to ashes!

10 December 2017 - To Be Continued!

There's a saying in show-business that goes something like "Always leave them wanting more." We don't know how many people are following Aliens: Renaissance, but hopefully today's cliff-hanger episode will leave them all wanting more. Aliens: Renaissance will be taking a brief intermission while we travel for the holidays, but will return on January 14th. We apologize for this month away from our beloved project, but our schedules simply don't allow for us to work together reliably over the next four weeks, we're very sorry to say. In the meantime, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Seasons Greetings;
Earl Burke and Tim Birch

03 December 2017 - "Everybody Online; Lookin' Good"

After a few necessary re-writes, some unavoidable changes to previous issues (pages 29 and 30), and a weekend off last weekend due to family travels, I'm back - and so are the Colonial Marines. Today is another TWO PAGE ISSUE, and I'm hoping that next week (December 10th) will also be another two-page issue, thanks to things at work finally slowing down and my programming class coming to an end.